There is wisdom woven into the scars of a broken heart.

And access to that wisdom comes from within.

From Break-Down to Break-Through

Stitching together a broken heart after divorce, a breakup, or any other type of loss can be an overwhelming and painful process. The way we navigate the journey of any major life event is personal to each individual, yet everyone can move forward and find a place of peace when given the tools and support to do so.

This isn’t just about healing your heart. It’s about embracing the new and unknown. It’s about acknowledging that you can courageously handle ANYTHING by putting one foot in front of the other- even in baby steps. It’s about gaining resilience, not “despite” but because of what happened.

And you don’t need to do this alone!

Are you ready for change? Are you seeking guidance?


  • Waking up each morning excited for the day: feeling deeply alive; at home in your heart, your body, and your mind.
  • Feeling deeply worthy of all the good, all the love that is ready to come to you
  • Feeling fully empowered so you will indeed create a new, brilliant and even unprecedented future

I invite you to watch this brief video that I have created to share with you how I can help.

  • Martina Meyer is a Certified Conscious Uncoupling™ and Calling in “The One”™ Coach who has been personally trained and mentored by the creator of these processes, NY bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT.
  • Martina Meyer is a Certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, helping people move beyond death, divorce and other losses by facilitating Grief Recovery Support Groups and one-on-one coaching of the Grief Recovery Method®.
  • Martina Meyer is a certified Yoga Teacher, RYT-200, and Personal Trainer (CPT, GPTS). She combines yoga with the teaching principles of her coaching practice, in order to facilitate an even deeper transformation for her clients through an enhanced body-mind-heart-soul connection.

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