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You may have asked yourself:

  • What is the difference between intention, goal and vision?
  • Why is this important?
  • And what does it take to set a powerful intention that actually works?


“Our intention creates our reality.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer


Most of us are most familiar with goal setting. It’s a skill that we are taught early on, and it is highly valued in our culture. We set goals for our studies, success, business, health, fitness, daily accomplishments etc. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions – and most of those too often fizzle out after a just short time, ending up on our list of disappointments… Have you ever wondered how that happens, and how you might turn this around?

So let’s take a look:

In a nutshell, GOALS are

  • Future oriented,
  • External = oriented towards the world outside of ourselves,
  • Focused on the “what and when” – the destination, the achievement,
  • Dependent on the outcome,
  • Created by your thinking mind.

Goals can inspire us to take action, they motivate us to get and keep going, they energize us – and hold us accountable. Yet, like many good things in life, when there is too much of it, it can become counter-productive. Goals can become long “to-do lists” that end up feeling burdensome, heavy, pressuring or overwhelming.

An INTENTION goes much deeper than our goals. It gives our goals meaning, purpose and a framework. It breathes life into our actions and choices.

Intentions are

  • Present moment oriented
  • Internal = rooted inside our self/heart/soul
  • Focused on the WHY & HOW: the journey itself
  • Independent of the outcome
  • Created by your “heart mind”

A “juicy” intention gives us a sense of being present in our lives, of living intentionally, with purpose and possibility. Inside of an intention that is anchored in the truth of who we really are, we feel joy in the journey itself, in the small details and choices that we live each day. The intention fuels our sense of being alive, rather than “just living”, or getting through the day.

VISION, the way I look at it, is a complete sensory “image” that you hold for who you will be and what your life will look like when your intention and goals are fulfilled. Ideally you hold this “vision” in your body by engaging all of your senses: What does it look like, smell, taste, sound, and feel like? And what does it feel like to be you, living that future?

All three are deeply connected. They feed each other, and when they are aligned, create our destiny.

Want to learn more? In the 7-step coaching program Calling In “The One”™ we go very deeply into this process: together we will create a really “juicy” and powerful intention for love for you. Then we make conscious, and remove all the internal obstacles that may have kept you from setting and fulfilling on such an intention for love in your life in the past…

What’s your “Aha” from this article? What’s one goal or intention you would like to share with us?


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