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Building Dreams

Unlock your potential,
in business AND in life

You’re living the Dream…
But, Something’s Missing?


  • Successful, but you’re not feeling all the fulfillment or making all the difference you desire?
  • Unclear about your dream, but you know there’s something more to life?
  • Full of ideas, but you don’t know where to start, or which idea to choose?
  • Passionate about your dream, but you’re not seeing the results you want?
  • Ready to live a new dream, dust off a long forgotten one, or reinvent yourself after a loss?

Every one of us has a dream inside of us – sometimes it just takes a little spark to wake it up, or some extra support to make it come alive.

Are you ready for change? Are you seeking guidance?


  • Waking up each morning excited for the day: feeling deeply alive; at home in your heart, your body, and your mind.
  • Feeling deeply worthy of all the good, all the love that is ready to come to you
  • Feeling fully empowered so you will indeed create a new, brilliant and even unprecedented future

I invite you to watch this brief video that I have created to share with you how I can help.

  • Martina Meyer is an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, helping people build resilience as they move beyond death, divorce or any of the other 40+ losses that can create significant emotional impact, by facilitating Grief Recovery Support Groups and one-on-one coaching of the Grief Recovery Method®.
  • Martina Meyer is an Advanced Certified Conscious Uncoupling™ and Calling in “The One”™ Coach who has been personally trained and mentored by the creator of these programs, NY bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT.
  • Martina Meyer is a certified Yoga Teacher, RYT-500, and Personal Trainer (CPT, GPTS). She combines the teaching principles of yoga with her coaching, in order to facilitate an even deeper transformation for her clients, through an enhanced body-mind-heart-soul connection.

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