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New Year’s Eve has come and gone – and with it the disappointment of once again feeling lonely as everyone around you greets the new year with an embrace and a kiss as you look on… but it still feels raw when you think about it…

You are determined more than ever that next New Year’s Eve you will experience the count-down into 2024 in the embrace of the one you love. You set an intention: No more loneliness, no more standing on the outside of your own love life looking in…

You’ve filled pages of your journal with bold statements of how this year is going to be it, goals, lists of must-have’s & deal breakers, rough drafts of your new online dating profile –

But now what? How to get started? How to keep this momentum going, when the temptation is so close to let it fizzle out and settle back into the old routines again? How do you instead create a “new normal”? An unprecedented miracle of love, THIS YEAR?

Here are some keys that have helped me to carry my momentum past January: (Pick one a day – it’s not about getting it all done, it’s about continuing the momentum and ENJOYING the journey…)

  1. Create a bold intention or a word-of-the-year that you can actually feel in your bones and in every cell of your body. (Check here how to create an intention that actually works) And then:
  2. Declare it. Out loud. – Declare it again. Every day. Chant it, sing it, feel it. Until you believe it in every cell of your body. Tell your cat, your dog, your journal, your BFF*. Tell yourself until every cell in your body believes in, and supports your intention. *Make sure you select the friends to confide in carefully: you want a tribe that supports you, that takes a stand for ,and with you – and that, with your permission, will hold you accountable to stick with your intention and get more and more aligned with it (see No. 7).
  3. Start your morning pages by reciting your intention AGAIN; and instead of going into a rant of what’s NOT working, ask yourself questions like “What can I do TODAY to invite love into my life? What is just ONE small step I can take today?”
  4. Take a stand for possibility, not DESPITE but IN THE FACE OF the fears and doubts that come up – that’s why, in Calling In “The One”™, we create “Power Statements” that deconstruct all these doubts & fears – one by one – without suppressing them, but by addressing them, validating them and mentoring them into this new sense of possibility of what is actually true about you and love.
  5. To help you with No. 4, make a contract with yourself to stop all complaining, blaming and shaming. For 49 days. That also includes gossiping, as it’s a form of complaining. Vow to replace complaints with thoughts, words and actions that inspire and generate solutions instead of perpetuating the status quo… Again, see if you can get someone or a group of people to do this with you, create a FB group (or join my page) where you post your journey, your successes, challenges and temporary set backs everyday – to keep you going…
  6. Make a Vision Board and hang it up where you see it every day. Remind yourself of your own motivation of why you deserve it, why it’s your divine right and mission to create REAL TRUE LOVE in your life – and by doing so also creating more love & joy all around you. (If you’ve never done a vision board, check out my vision board retreats, live or online… it’s amazing what happens when you take the time to really listen to your soul, and make some visible commitments to yourself…)
  7. Enroll a friend, a group or a coach to hold you accountable to actually live into the future that you intend to create. To hold you accountable to become the person you are meant to be at your fullest potential, and to do something every single day to move forward, even just something very, very small to feed the energy that you are standing for. This accountability structure is essential: We so easily enroll others to collude with our “old story”, to complain and commiserate – and that usually happens outside of our conscious awareness… So you need allies (and/or a coach) who will collude in your NEW story that you are writing. Who will hold your belief for you on those days when you can’t hold it yourself, when you “fall off the wagon” of your intention: They will remind you of who you really are, what your true potential really is and why you set this intention in the first place.

Are you ready? So what’s the first thing that you are doing today to harvest all this energy and become the invitation to true love in your own life?


Calling In “The One”(TM) and Conscious Uncoupling(TM) by Katherine Woodward Thomas;
Vision Boards and Intentional Living: ChristineKane.com
Happy for no Reason by Marci Shimoff;
Morning Pages – The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

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